Carpenter Profile: Orlando Garcia

The carpenters we work with in Central America are provided tools and training. In exchange, they sign an agreement that they will put the tools to good use in expanding their business and serving their communities. They also agree to provide hours of community service and plant trees. Below is a report about one of our carpenters, Orlando Garcia.

Orlando has expressed that he has been blessed with the tools he received last year from Tools for Opportunity. Work has been really good as he has stayed busy. He received a table saw kit along with a new drill and other great tools. He has been able to grow in his business as he admits that the tools he received have helped him complete pieces faster. Three weeks after the training workshop ended, he build a table saw according to plans he received from Randy and Gene and he loves it. He admits to have made one modification to the original plans: He  used a solid wood piece for the top rather than plywood. The reason for this is because he says that due to the humidity and heavy pieces of wood, the plywood tends to bend.

Orlando recently made a closet for one of his clients. In addition to this he has also made tables, beds, windows and chairs. As for his community service work, he has worked in two different schools. In one he provided 24 hours worth of work where he built two tables — the School provided the wood and Orlando provided his labor. For the other School, he provided 25 hours worth of work where he also build two tables and installed a division wall for a classroom. Again, he just provided the labor. Orlando also mentioned that he spent two days painting school desks for a third School where they bought the paint and he provided his work. As for the trees, he has planted 5 cedar trees and for the upcoming winter, he hopes to plant many more of the same kind.

The photos show the compressor, a window he is working on, as well as a chainsaw he recently purchased. Orlando was very happy to hear that you will visit again on March, as he says he will demonstrate to you he has honored the agreement fully.

Below is a video thanks from Orlando.