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TFO Seeks Coordinator

Tools for Opportunity is looking for someone to help coordinate our backroom. If you are skilled at keeping things organized, communicating, and tracking processes, then we want to hear from you.  If it sounds like fun to support an organization that helps less fortunate people become financially strong by learning a business trade, then we want to talk to you.  Tools for Opportunity is a small group of fun people who have a passion and a vision.

Tools for Opportunity Coordinator

Requirements and Responsibilities

Coordinates the administrative tasks for Tools for Opportunity (TFO). Generally this includes:

  • Drafting communications internally (TFO board members, on-site coordinators) and externally (partners, suppliers, donors).
  • Managing the TFO annual calendar.
  • Donations (in-kind & monetary): communication, storage, etc.
  • Training in El Salvador or Honduras: shipping product, materials, and supplies to locations where classes will be held.
  • Responsible for publicizing the organization and its programs to the community via internet, mailing lists and press.
  • Offering ideas to enhance anything related to TFO growth and success.

Specific Tasks


  • Check email communication and responding timely. Conferring with the President on any emails that demand additional attention.
  • Manage email account: deleting spam, archiving as needed.
  • Politely communicate regarding donations accepted and not accepted.
  • Send “thank you” communications to donors (in-kind, or monetary) documenting donation values for tax purposes. Include the TFO tax ID number.
  • Promote in all communications the purpose of TFO, future events, and the need for future donations.
  • Coordinate communication between TFO board members and on-site (El Salvador & Honduras) coordinators. When communicating with on-site coordinators, be sensitive to communication barriers, culture, and unstable internet and electricity issues. The best is to use language that is simple to understand, professional, sincere/humble, honest, and thorough.
  • Communicate with volunteers traveling on TFO service trips and assist in travel details.
  • Coordinate communication with the press (print, broadcast, internet, news) on future events, accomplishments, donations, success, etc.


  • Remind Board members of the tasks they agreed to do and the deadlines they agreed to complete the work.
  • Create and manage an annual calendar of events with decision and delivery deadlines.
  • Manage the shipping of product, materials, and supplies to El Salvador and Honduras.
  • Arrange recognition events with partners, suppliers, and donors.
  • Support the TFO Board members by helping them with information about TFO, supplies, collaboration ideas, etc.


  • Communicate with donors to thank them for their generosity and to promote upcoming events needing continued funding.
  • Manage the storage of donations, supplies for events, etc.

Special Skills

  • Fluency (verbal & written) in Spanish helpful.

If interested, contact